Frequent Questions

  • What devices does Weak Control support?

    Weak Control supports any device with Android 4.4 and above.

  • Are ROOT permissions required?

    Yes. Currently. This version of Weak Control uses APIs that are available only to elevated processes. In the future this might well be changed.

  • What browsers does Weak Control support?

    Currently a latest version of Google Chrome Browser. No plugins or extensions are needed.

  • How is Weak Control working?

    Weak Control uses patent pending technology for streaming realtime HD video content to the browser with very little latency.

    In addition it takes full advantage of Google Chrome's hardware support for playing video streams.

    If you have a newer than January 1, 2009 video card this is happening transparently for you. If you are curious you can navigate to "chrome://gpu" and check if you have Video decode hardware acceleration.

  • Is a Wifi Connection required?

    Wifi or USB connections are supported. Wifi is the prefered way to connect but for offline mode you can use USB connection.

  • How can I use an USB connection?

    To enable USB connection support you should forward two ports 9000, 9003 to the device using adb

    Open a command prompt and type:

    adb forward tcp:9000 tcp:9000

    adb forward tcp:9003 tcp:9003

    Then in Chrome address bar use localhost instead of IP address


    Click "Connect" button

  • Weak Control does not connect. What is wrong?

    Weak Control requires that your device is visible in your network. If you have a network that does not allow computers and wifi devices to communicate, the connection is not possible. In this case we will provide USB cable support so you are still able to connect. In the future we will be working on fixing many connection related issues by taking advantage of WebRTC technology and the like.

  • Is the battery life affected when using Weak Control?

    Yes. Using Weak Control will impact the battery life of your device. We recommend connecting your device when using Weak Control for a extended periods of time. For example when watching a full length movies.

  • What languages can I use to type text with Weak Control?

    Weak Control supports multiple languages. In general if you can type in your browser in your prefered language. Weak Control should support it too.

  • Are multifinger gestures supported?

    No. The current version supports only single finger gestures. We are plannign to support at least two finger gestures and this will cover most cases like panning and zoomig. We will look for ways to introduce more fingers guesters in the future.

  • Is my information safe with Weak Control?

    Absolutely. We do not store nor we do transmit any data to the internet. The video, audio, text and mouse data is transfered only from the browser to the android device and vice versa. We take this seriously.

  • Why do I need a PIN?

    PIN is required so you are confident that if you leave Weak Control running only you from your network can connect to your device. We will add custom PIN support so the PIN is preconfigured by you and not randomly generated every time.